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Queen Mary’s stop smoking service currently runs in the boroughs of Tower Hamlets and Newham, but the expansion of their free of charge service will mean that Waltham Forest residents will also be able to access the help they need to give up smoking.

The Waltham Forest service, which launched in September, is open to anyone aged over 12 who lives, works, studies or is registered with a GP in the borough and offers a range of support tailored to smokers needs including:

  • One-to-one telephone, digital or face-to-face support from a specialist stop smoking practitioner. Evening and weekend appointments available.
  • Free nicotine replacement therapy such as patches and gum, and, if suitable, stop smoking medication such as Champix or Zyban.
  • Online resources, digital support and apps available 24-hours-a-day as well.
  • Support available in a wide range of languages.

The service also provides tailored support for specific groups, with pregnant women, parents of young children and young people particularly encouraged to contact the service for support.

Queen Mary has extensive experience in delivering advice and support in helping people give up tobacco and have also pioneered research and clinical trials of smoking cessation treatments, nicotine replacement therapies and e-cigarettes.

Peter Hajek, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Queen Mary University of London said: “Even if you are a heavy smoker, stopping smoking does not need to be difficult. The specialist service we provide offers several options, including e-cigarettes, and can help you find an approach that works for you.”    

Councillor Naheed Asghar, Cabinet Member for Health Partnerships and Poverty Reduction, said: “We are committed to tackling health inequality in Waltham Forest. Helping people give up smoking is an important priority and crucial to improving the long-term health of our residents and reducing inequalities.  Stopping smoking using a specialist service, which offers one-to-one support alongside nicotine replacement therapy or medication, is up to four times more likely to be successful than trying to quit on your own. I would urge Waltham Forest residents who smoke to seek support from this new service and encourage friends and family who smoke to also seek support.”

How to access the service

Anyone who lives, works, studies, or is registered with a Waltham Forest GP can receive support from the service by:

More information

  • You can find out more about the service on the QuitRight Waltham Forest website
  • Keep up to date with the latest news and information from Queen Mary’s stop smoking services by following @QMULQuitSmoking on Twitter.



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